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Morning Flag Raising at Sierra HS
How many remember 0800 at Sierra High School? Do you remember loudspeakers blaring the bugle call "To The Colors" while everyone stopped, stood silently at attention, and faced the flag pole?
Last Post: Jun 26th 2014
Author: wprickett
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Amusing Sierra HS Memory
Do you remember when High School students were entrusted with LOCKERS at school? How about LOCKER INSPECTIONS? Do you remember the female Counselors MEASURING the girls' hem height above the knee...
Last Post: Jun 25th 2014
Author: wprickett
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What did Sierra give you that made a difference in your life.
Many things 1) I experienced Yosemite, and that began my love for camping. 2)My English teacher Mr Hunt was the first teacher that sent a letter to my parents of the wonderful young lady I was. I...
Last Post: Aug 29th 2012
Author: Yolie
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Reunion 2010
Would like to hear about what you enjoyed at our 2010 reunion
Last Post: Jul 12th 2011
Author: deeedeeeee53
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Saying Goodbye to Fellow Spartans
Today, we say goodbye to a fellow Spartan. Tom Paredes, class of 1975, passed away last week. There is a memorial service this morning at 10 AM @ St. Chritopher's Church 629 South Glendora Ave. West...
Last Post: Jun 17th 2011
Author: chrisalcaraz@verizon
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Favorite memory
One of my favorite memories are the friends I made while on the drill team. We spent so much time together and became good friends. I had to move to Illinois for my senior year. My friends wrote...
Last Post: Apr 15th 2011
Author: aacacdw
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Favorite Memory
My favorite memory was without a doubt Fall Follies. Loved watching the girls so off their costumes and dancing ability.
Last Post: Sep 19th 2010
Author: mforshee
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Noontime Dances
One of my favorite memories is the noontime dances held in the gym on Wednesdays or Fridays. All of our favorite records were played and we would dance the lunch hour away!
Last Post: May 11th 2010
Author: sstark713
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